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Relax in an oriental atmosphere,and take in the sound of traditional Turkish folk music
Enjoy a show performed by professional belly dancers and singers
Dine on sumptuous Turkish cuisine and drink
Relax with hotel pick-up and drop-off
Unlimed Drinks / Show
Where you will enjoy an evening with a delicious full course meal of fine Turkish cuisine featuring class acts of music and dance in traditional surroundings. Enjoy the Turkish Belly Dancers and Turkish Traditional Folkshows while you are having your full course dinner.

Dinner, Turkish Night Show, Anatolian Folk Dance, Belly Dancer, Live music,


Cold and Smoked Meat / Traditional Turkish Mezes / Vegeterian /

Hot Appetizers
Pastries / Daily specialities

The Gardener Salad / Sultana’s Salad

Main Courses ( Optional)
1-) Fresh Fish Sea Bass Grilled with Garniture

2-) Sultanas Delight Kebap with Garniture
3-) Butter Chicken with Garniture
4-) Grilled Vegetables or Spaghetti or Mushroom Casserole

Desserts (Optional)
1-) Cream Ottoman Puding
2-) Fresh Fruit Plate
3-) Sultanas Viagra

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