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Best experience the thrill of mastering a quad & buggy bikes and join us on this exciting day bound to be the highlight of your holiday. An unbeatable adventure for young people or mature adventure seekers. Following an introduction and safety briefing, the Quad & buggy line up for a convoy that is lead and tailed by expert guides and experience a half hour familiarization session on smooth trails of the flat terrain. Once you have mastered the controls and know the ropes, a more challenging drive awaits you a harder terrain which will have you splashing through streams, riding on dust and dirt laden tracks to our private land of 40 acres where you can put your skills to the test on our purpose built jumps, slopes, mud trenches and water-jets. The tour takes 3 hours in total and actual riding time is about 2 hours  of pure adrenalin and fun!.

You will have dusty, grimy, muddy, adrenaline-filled amazing time in Quad & Buggy Safari. We have a private parkour prepared for you to have a fun!

You will explore Marmaris natural beauty as you move through pine forests.  You can drive on mud, dust, splash the water on streams, move up and down the small hills, marshes and drift your quad or buggy around trees.

Our Quads are 300cc Buggies are 200cc, you can drive fast as much as you want but you have to follow tour guide. They ensure that you move along the marked lines of safari and don’t get confused in between. They lead the convoy and ensure safety of all the safari participants. All safety equipments will be provided after instruction.

Before drive on crazy parkour, you are given instructions that will help you get acquainted with your vehicles. All the bikes are convoyed in a line up and you get 15 min test drive before the real action starts.

You dont need to have a licence to go this trip. Our security measures taken, completely private parkour.

Vehicles are very easy to drive, they are full-automatic gear, just an accelerator and brake pedal. Age limit for drive is 12.

Quad and Buggy Safari is not suitable for guests who are physically challenged.

Vehicles are; Single person or double people can join (different fees for single and double).

We advise you to wear your old clothes it will be very muddy after safari. In this field there will be safeboxes provided for you, so you can leave your personal belongings, shower cabins after safari you can fresh up and changing cabins for your use.

Included in Price:

Transfer from the hotel and back

Full Insurance


Safety Equipments


Excluded in the price:

Photos and video DVD

You must bring:

Spare clothes

Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the dust during safari

Sandals or trainers


Money for personal expenditures


The trip is available in two sessions each day, the first one is at 10:00am and second one at 16:00pm. Each session last for about 3 hours.

Pick up for from hotels


Test Drive (10min)

First track (45min)

Rest nearby river (15min)

Second track (45min)

Free time for shower and changing clothes (15min)

Drop back to hotels

2 full hours of pure adrenalin and fun! off road in Kusadasi special race course great time but lots of muddy  and dirty and you get wet with lots of fun.

Twice a day  09:00am and 15:00pm

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