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Kekova boat tour offers extraordinary beauties where nature and cult are together. In this tour, transportation to Kekova region and its villages from Kaş is made by sea. Departure and return takes 3 hours in total. The transportation from Kaş to the kekova region takes about 35 minutes. It takes the name of the region we call Kekova region from the island of kekova and is named as the area covering the waterside city, simena kaleköy and Üçağız village. Kekova is actually the name of the island. The entrance gate of the Kekova area is known as the Üçağız village. Starting from Ucagiz village, you will enjoy swimming in the magnificent koekova region of the kekova region, while the underworld wrecks will fascinate you as the great earthquakes in 141 and 240 years of our six glazed tangents are tangential over the sunken city. Another place where you can see the Kekova boat is the pirate cave; You will enter the cave located in the kekova region with your boat. Kekova boat tours are at the top of service quality, unlike ordinary boat tours.

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