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Ibrahim Pasha Ortahisar valley Mustafa Paşa pancarlık valley Pigeon valley

Pigeon Valley  which connects Üçhisar to Göreme. Most of these cave dwellings have been painted white to attract the birds and their valuable droppings. The fairy chimneys to the west, east and north of Uçhisar were hollowed out and used as graves during the Roman period. Inside these rock cut tombs, the entrances which generally face west, are klines or stone slabs on which the bodies were laid. Babayan is its old name, now it is called as İbrahimpaşa. It hasn’t strange rock formations but it has beatiful stone houses. Ortahisar is famous for its friendly inhabitants, picturesque stone houses, narrow streets and lovely churches as well as the castle-like rock formation after which the town is named. This 90m high natural fortress, a promient landmark in the region – honeycombed with caves and tunnels, camouflaged by nature without the slightest indication of human presence inside – has partly crumbled away revealing some of its interior. Today it has been restored and the peak is accessible by a staircase. the ortahisar castle offers a magnificent panorama over the fairy chimneys of hallacdere and the snowy peak of Mt. Erciyes. The stirrup Valley, Situated between Ortahisar and Ürgüp, is an interesting valley which is full of both natural and historical beauties. there are three springs from which natural minarel water emerged. These springs are benefited for the recovery of gigestion disorders and kidney diseases.




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