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Bodrum is best resort for Scuba Divers . From 09:00 untill 17:00 Dive in ageansea with your trainers. When our dive boat departs from Bodrum beginners are first given an onboard theoretical instruction about the equipment, safety and underwater sign-language. Following the practical training and the breathing exercises on the surface, beginners are taken underwater in a hand by hand style. After fifth meter under water you reach the bottom and can feed the fish while the second instructor takes your pictures and videos. After this time you will feel relaxed, confident and ready to swim around the island at a deeper level. Your instructor adjusts the air in your suit precisely so that you stay suspended at the required dept. No worries,no gravity, just admire the beautiful world embracing you.Bodrum boasts various excellent diving opportunities offering underwater caves, reefs and wrecks for experienced divers.

We provide for our guests all equipments required for a comfortable dive. For the first-time divers given essential instructions about equipments, safety factors and underwater sign-language onboard before dive. Even the first-time divers no need to worry, because they are under direct supervision of our dive masters.

Our guests going to have two dives, each one around 30-40mins on this tour. The first dive, in the morning and second dive is in the afternoon after having lunch.

You will enjoy the stunning underwater sight and enjoy feeding fishes by your hand. While you perform these activities, our cameraman-divers will take your photos and videos of you.

Certified divers are allowed to perform deeper level dives, please bring your licences with you.


Guests who don’t want to participate in scuba diving, they can snorkel dive in the beautiful bays of Marmaris or sunbathing top decker of boat.


You are able to gain valuable experience towards PADI / C-MAS certification with dive masters. The licence you are going to have at the end of the course is valid on worldwide.

0-6years free, Transfer, Insurance,Lunch, Instruction, Full Equipment included.

Drinks and Dvd extra

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